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Craniofacial tremor may be associated with essential tremor, Parkinson's disease, thyroid dysfunction, and electrolyte imbalance. This condition rarely occurs in isolation. Focal motor seizures must sometimes be distinguished from other facial movement disorders, in particular hemifacial spasm. Postictal weakness and greater involvement of the lower face are hallmarks of focal motor seizures.

Botulinum therapy is most effective in the treatment of oromandibular dystonia. Medications are also used to some extent for oromandibular dystonia.

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Facial chorea occurs in the context of a systemic movement disorder (eg, Huntington's disease, Sydenham's chorea). Chorea is an episodic complex of movements without a pattern. A similar condition, spontaneous orofacial dyskinesia, occurs in older people without teeth. As a rule, the installation of prostheses gives a good effect.


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Teakand faces are short, repetitive, coordinated spontaneous movements of the grouped muscles of coumadin and neck. Tics may occur physiologically or in association with diffuse encephalopathy. Some drugs (eg, anticonvulsants, caffeine, methylphenidate, antiparkinsonian drugs) may cause tics. Single, repetitive, stereotyped movements are characteristic of tics.

Similar problems are more often recorded in adults over the age of 40 years.

This is due to the lower tolerance of the nervous system to stress. It is important to bear in mind that spasm of the facial muscles can be an independent problem.mine, as well as signal the development of more life-threatening and health disorders. To differentiate the causes that can cause such deviations, a number of examinations are required to assess the functions of the central and peripheral nervous system.